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Crowns are tooth shaped restorations that cover the whole tooth down to the gum line. There are different type of crowns that strengthen the tooth, and different types of materials for back and front teeth. The metal-free crowns are particularly esthetic for the front teeth. We offer SAME DAY Cerec Crowns milled and finished in front of you.



CEREC Crown:
Dental CAD/CAM technology is available for dental practices, enabling dentists and their staff to design restorations on a computer screen. The CAD/CAM computer displays a 3-D custom image of your prepared tooth or teeth obtained by digitally capturing the preparations with an optical scanner. Alternatively, the 3-D images can be obtained by scanning a traditional model obtained from conventional impressions of the preparations.
The dentist then uses those 3-D images and CAD software to draw and design the final restoration. The amount of time it takes for a dentist, in-office restoration designer or laboratory technician to design a restoration varies based on skill, experience, and complexity of case and treatment. Some cases could take minutes, while others could require a half-hour or more of design time to ensure quality.
Once the final restoration is designed, the crown, inlay, onlay, veneer or bridge is milled from a single block of ceramic material in a milling chamber. The restoration then can be customized with stains and glazes to create a more natural look, before being fired in an oven (similar to ceramics and pottery), and then finished and polished.

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